Company background

This app was developed by Warpin Media AB. Warpin media has been crafting and developing VR and AR solutions in-house since the company was founded back in 2016. We help clients develop customized solutions and we also create our own apps like this one. Chest Quest is the sequel to our first app on App Store called ARrrrrgh.

Press release 

Warpin is back with a sequel of the ARrrrrgh app called Chest Quest. Chest Quest will take you on a similar adventure as ARrrrrgh but this time you will have several treasure islands to explore. In this augmented reality game you get to be a pirate in your own home – breaking your living room floor open to dig for hidden treasures. This is an immersive and exciting game that kids can play with their friends and family.

“We have been working on this game for a while now and I think this version is going to be an even more exciting adventure with many new features. This game will make you want to get up from your couch and go and explore!” – Patrik Buckau 

You start your adventure by sailing off to an unknown island where you will face obstacles as you dig for coins. With the coins you will be able to buy a treasure map that will lead you to the hidden treasure and help you reach the ultimate goal of conquering the island. When you conquer one island you will face an even more challenging adventure on the next one. Along the journey you can also find some hidden objects that you can collect in your treasury – so you always need to keep an eye out. 

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